My name is Mark Poiesz.

I am in the business of energy.

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As a drummer and a coach, whether in front of thousands or one, everything I do is about energy. Focusing it, transferring it and helping others to do the same is a central part of my purpose.


What's so important about energy? One of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century was Einstein's equation that showed that energy translates to matter. Whatever we do, whatever we give, take, or create, we are altering energy. Harnessing this power and directing it intentionally is how anything we envision is achieved. I believe in the universal communicative power of music and my own part of it, as I project energy quite literally with vibration and movement. I also believe in the ability of every individual to maximize their energetic state and am committed to helping others bring that fully activated energy into the world; so they can do exactly what they are here to do.


In 1:1 coaching sessions, I combine my own life experiences with formal ICF coach training to align with the desired future state of a client, unconditionally. This is no crash course in the power of positive thinking; it is getting down into the trenches to grab a dirty, neglected magnifying glass, which is first used to observe the self from new angles. The reward of this hard work comes when our coaching partnership uses this same magnifying glass to focus and intensify what was previously scattered. The unencumbered energy of a whole self, directed like a laser at a desired future, can turn incredible things into reality. Whether you align with quantum mechanics or the accumulated wisdom of the world's great spiritual traditions, there is unanimous agreement about the creative power of the individual.


I am in the business of energy and so are you.


as a drummer.

Mark has performed in front of millions of people globally with artists including Tyler Farr, Lindsay Ell, Chuck Wicks, Jon Secada, Lita Ford and Ghost of Gloria. In addition to the road, Mark is an in-demand studio musician, recording and programming at his home and other studios in Nashville, Tennessee.


An alumnus of the University of Miami's prestigious Frost School of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Studio Music and Jazz, Mark's career has spanned nearly every conceivable genre of music as he brings his signature energy to each moment.


His current role as drummer, bandleader and programmer with multi-platinum country music artist Tyler Farr has involved seven years of touring, major network television appearances and even the Super Bowl LI pre-game show!

When at home in Nashville, Mark offers drum sessions and private drum lessons from his home studio. With top notch recording gear like API preamps alongside an accumulation many drum kits, snares, cymbals and accessories, his tracks have been featured on major label and indie releases, streaming network shows and commercials. In between, Mark's students work in the exact same environment to allow exposure to the real challenges facing today's pro drummers, which allows him to teach and mentor players with an emphasis on accurate self-assessment and honing an intentional musical voice.

Mark is a proud endorser of Ludwig drums, Sabian cymbals, Gibraltar hardware, Evans drumheads, Promark drumsticks, Cymbolt cymbal accessories, Kickpro bass drum pillows and the Porter & Davies tactile monitoring system.


as a personal development coach.

Mark slowly saw the natural coach arising in himself as he navigated roles as a leader, teacher, mentor and clinician, but it took years for him to confront the block which had prevented him from pursuing coaching in earnest. It was the same question so many of us face in our own way, “Who am I, and what qualifies me, to do this?”


With a formal ICF Accredited Coach Training Program at Coacharya, the world's leading trainer of Master Coaches, he found the education and apprenticeship which would allow this block to disintegrate. What began as a slow-paced project snowballed into the realization that coaching others was a perfect way to leverage his own skills, aptitude and experience for the direct benefit of others, rather than just their entertainment. Now an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Mark is using his signature passion to coach clients from all walks of life, in all industries and from all economic backgrounds, helping them to empower themselves and grow toward their own unique vision of a future self.


A self-described Personal Development Coach, Mark loves to help people spark a fire by leveraging clarity on values and purpose to identify who we are, what we do and how we show up in our lives.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. - Henry Ford



Thank you!

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