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Transformational Coaching
For Ambitious Creatives

Headshot of Mark

It takes one to know one, right? Being a creative doesn't mean we have to work in a creative field. It's really about how we see our relationship with the world and what we might bring into it. Creatives feel compelled; we feel called, driven, and at our best, we are inspired.

This requires a certain approach to life - one that comes with a unique set of internal and external challenges. Sometimes these can leave us feeling:



out of alignment,




out of flow,

or something else.

For creatives, these can feel like a slow death. But staying in that space isn't mandatory; remember, humans were never built to go it alone. Key moments like these can be catalysts for incredible growth if we leverage a partner to help us step outside our own box. Together we can create a space to finally think about our thinking, before we spin our wheels with more endless doing.

Certified Effective

Coaching skills are unique: They're easy to talk about but hard to fake.

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach, Mark holds the gold standard credential for coaching. He has built real-world experience not just with individuals in the entertainment industry, but also with leaders and high performers at companies such as Google, AT&T, IBM, Boeing, Capital One, Warner Bros. Discovery, HelloFresh, The US Department of Defense and more.

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What We Do Together

Mark at an overlook in Iceland

What a place to stop and breathe! Skaftafell, Iceland.

  • Create the space needed to re-align with your authentic core personal values

  • Build resilience to deal with the internal pressures and external stressors that wear us down

  • Build real clarity about what stands in the way between where you are and where you want to be

  • Design action plans for both the short and long term that are uniquely tailored to your goals, needs and insights

  • Create a positive feedback loop for growth, anchored by accountability and partnership

Three Coaching Packages, or Build Your Own

Real, durable change takes time! We leverage all my assessments and resources over 13 biweekly coaching sessions to build the layers of awareness and momentum which will sustain for the long run.

Six Month $1997

Are you already laser-focused on what you want? If you know you just need that push over the hump, six weekly coaching sessions can provide the structure to get you there.

Six Week $997

Making a key decision? A single coaching session might be right for you.

Single $197

What Others Say

Besides being a world class musician and a very knowledgeable coach, Mark has something that can’t be taught: passion. Passion about music. Passion about helping people. Passion about making a difference. THAT is what makes his lessons and coaching valuable. As a drummer, working with Mark is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I believe the future is bright!

Dru Marshall (Musician)

Working with Mark Poiesz is an enlightening experience! Through our coaching sessions, I re-discovered myself and found confidence, focus, and gratitude— the tools I need to deal with life and work challenges. I walked away with a sense of connection to the world surrounding me. Better yet, he guided me to find success within myself.

Vanessa Brothers (HBO)

I recently had the opportunity to work with Mark, who excelled in guiding me through open conversations around crucial aspects of personal and professional development. His expertise and guidance in resilience were transformational, as he provided practical strategies and exercises to help me bounce back from setbacks while maintaining a positive outlook on my career. Additionally, his emphasis on emotional intelligence allowed me to enhance my interpersonal skills, making me more effective and vulnerable when engaging teams throughout the business.

Alex Rivera (CVS)

I have been working with Mark for four months and the experience has been truly transformative. Our coaching sessions have had a positive impact both professionally and personally. My shift in perspective and new alignment with my core values have made a palpable change in how I engage with challenges and obstacles daily. Removing the noise has helped me focus on more foundational, gratifying activities.

Nasim Lari, PhD. (IBM)

Mark was such a great coach - patient, not too aggressively pushing an agenda but also providing a lot of great resources. He helped surface a lot of great opportunities for me, kept me accountable and I was able to apply a lot of it in both my professional and personal lives. I really got a lot out of this experience and am a big advocate of coaching and Mark specifically as a coach!

Stacey Dunn (Google)

There are three words I would use to describe Mark’s coaching style: Comfortable and Highly Effective. His non-judgmental approach provided the safe space I needed to get out of my head and begin sorting through ideas. From there, he worked with me to devise a plan of action that worked! Coaching with Mark is like spending time with a friend that knows how to make things happen.

S.C. (Entrepreneur)

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