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  • Mark Poiesz

Move From Being a Competitor to a Creative

Man holding hands near light sphere surrounded by mountains

Everyone should see themselves as a creative!

I don’t care what you do… you should see yourself as creative. In a rapidly changing world, the future belongs to creatives - that’s a great thing because there’s no competition in creative pursuits. Competition is for games with a scoreboard, running races, or chasing performance metrics. 

But shifting your perspective over to being a creative means that you aren’t racing against anyone to a finish line; you’re mapping out your own solo track. Even if you have to play someone else’s game for a while, you can craft a bigger picture of what’s going on. And if you unequivocally see yourself a certain way, you’re highly likely to take actions that line up with it. With enough action, others will see you that way too.

So skip the competitiveness, and be a creative.


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