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Welcome! Welcome to the beginning. For all the hype around destinations and endings in our culture, beginnings are what hold the real power. They are that moment of potential, showing all of its glory and looking ahead to the imagined and unimaginable possibilities which may come. Endings might have social media cred, but beginnings are the real deal. The whole world flows from them!

The beginning of this blog represents a big change for me; it's the first time I'm acting on the knowledge that the thoughts and insights I encounter on my own path might be of use to others as well. That's about as specific a description as you'll find - these are my insights from my journey, shared with the digital world just in case someone else might derive some value from it.

What might that lead to? I'll find out from you. So feel free to read, comment and share if you want. Welcome to my mind, my journey, my questions, and my answers.


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